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I'll make this as simple and to the point as possible - Sara Groton changed my life. Before meeting her, I was deep into diet culture and made the way my body looked my identity in so many ways. I had been on diets since I was a child and thoughts about food and my body image plagued my mind 24/7. I had debilitating anxiety and insecurity and was on some sort of restrictive diet my whole life. When I went to Sara, I was at my wits end and looking for any new solution. What Sara did was totally unexpected and quite frankly, something I never thought possible. She changed my entire relationship with food. I went to her for a good 1.5-2 years. The work is challenging and hard, but so worth it. I have learned how to break away from diet culture, eat for my body, move my body in ways that nurture and make me feel good, and stopped obsessing over losing weight. I have referred friends and family to her and they all say the same. She has a gift. Not only that, she is the kindest soul who is encouraging, and makes you want to share your entire life with her because she's just that good. Trust me. Hire her. She will change your life.

-Mattie B.

Sara changed my life. When I met her I was struggling with so many health issues. She helped me see the origin of the issue and how to change the way I approached it. I loved my sessions with Sara and would look forward to seeing her every week. She is amazing!

-Ilana L.

Sara is one of the best people I've worked with to better my health. She has a truly holistic approach to weight, food and life processes that is hard to find. Before I started I was very stressed about my diet but not able to control it without putting myself down and making poor choices. After several sessions I've learned to read my body and be proactive about nourishing it without making food and weight the center of my life. Sara equipped me with tools to feel and eat better, and it has reduced my stress towards eating significantly. In addition she's super kind and empathetic. I highly recommend working with her!

-Gabriela A.

I came to Sara because I had exhausted all other options to help me lose weight. As someone who wanted a structured diet designed for a quick fix, I was somewhat hesitant to work on mindfulness first. Sara helped me quickly learn that I haven't been listening to my body for the last decade and that my eating behaviors were mostly primal. But now after working with Sara for 9 months, my relationship with food has taken a full 180 and I feel like I have tools for a lifetime. Her recommendations were simple yet effective. Adopting these new habits was a challenge at first but have now become second nature to me. I finally trust my body. And to top it off, all my friends and family have noticed a dramatic difference in my eating habits as well! I am so grateful for this life changing journey.

-Mia K.


I have absolutely loved partnering with Sara. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness last year I had a lot of baggage to unpack around my new & scary (but necessary!) diet/lifestyle. Sara was an integral piece in my healing process. She is kind & constructive and has a realistic approach to health & wellness. I can't recommend her enough for anyone struggling with food/diet/health related issues!

-Jenny W.

I found Sara when I needed her most.  Food was controlling me, and no matter how hard I tried, I was unable to gain the upper hand. Sara taught me how to become more mindful with my eating and helped me develop a healthier relationship to food. She is genuine, caring and supportive and works one on one with her clients to develop individual plans. Her recommendations were simple to implement and have already produced a remarkable positive impact.

-Ali L.

Working with Sara has been a life changing experience. Originally, I sought help to end the constant struggle of yo yo dieting, poor body image, and to lose weight. By focusing on my relationship with food and myself first, then making tweaks in my diet, I have now found a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, my self confidence and positive body image have never been this high. 

After believing I've always had a sensitive stomach, it was with Sara's suggestion and guidance that I figured out that I have a gluten intolerance. She did everything and more to make the transition to being gluten-free as easy for me as possible.

Sara is always willing to go above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients and I cannot speak more highly of her approach to healthy living. She always greets everyone with a smile on her face and we developed a very special bond. I absolutely would recommend Sara to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their life, their relationship to food, and their body.

-Monica B.

Sara is amazing at what she does and I can not recommend her enough. I started seeing Sara after gaining a lot of weight in grad school and through starting a stressful job. As a lifelong yo-yo dieter, I went to Sara to get another weight-loss diet. Instead what I got was increased self knowledge, a shift in mindset around food, and a greater understanding of how my emotional state actually impacts how my body responds to food. As an added bonus I lost about 15-20 lbs and have maintained a steady weight for almost 2 years. And I will never again count calories, cut out entire food groups (for the sole purpose of weight loss), or use my precious time and energy ruminating about what I should or shouldn’t eat. I trust myself and my body so much more than when I started my journey with Sara as a compassionate and curious guide.

                                                                        -Anne C.

I LOVED working with Sara! As a personal trainer, I am very familiar with different diets, how to lose weight, gain weight, etc. I initially started to work with Sara when my body started changing and I needed some extra guidance. What drew me to Sara was her having a background in fitness but having an approach to nutrition that I have not tried before. In my time working with Sara, she showed me a whole new world of nutrition that was overshadowed in all my experience in the fitness field: the psychology behind eating.

Instead of a traditional diet approach, Sara took a look at the quality of food I was eating along with the who, what, where, when, and why behind my meals. I learned from her the psychology side to eating along with the science of nutrition and how our bodies work. She also taught me how to quiet my inner critic, learn how to be more self compassionate toward myself, and be more in tune with my mind and body. Whenever I needed some extra help, Sara had many tricks up her sleeve to help me along with some yummy nutritious meal ideas that I still make to this day.

Without Sara I know I would miserable struggling in a yo-yo diet cycle but now I am so happy I was able to unlearn diet culture and get back to intuitive eating.

It is very clear Sara is passionate about what she does and strives to make people feel their best self. She is professional, compassionate, down to earth, and knows what she is doing. She gave me the tools I needed to guide me on my journey. I know if I ever feel stuck or need an extra push, Sara will be the first person I will seek guidance from.

Coming from the fitness industry, she had opened up a whole new world for me; I found I prefer the study of nutrition and psychology over exercise. Now, I am back in school pursuing a degree in psychology and hope to incorporate it with nutrition as well. I hope to one day be half as great as Sara is. Needless to say, she has made a huge impact on my life.

-Allison V.

Sara is an incredible person to work with! 

While she has a cheerful and positive attitude, she's also realistic. If something felt too difficult to commit to, she was able to break it down into smaller tasks in order to accomplish the bigger goal. It shouldn't be incredibly overwhelming if you are looking to make lifestyle changes, and I felt safe to say no if something wouldn't work for me.

I also love that while nutrition is the forefront, the conversation delves deeper into what, in my case, is causing me to eat a certain way. It's great to work with someone that can take in a lot of information and be able to draw connections. Were worked through how my daily stresses were putting significant strains on my body.

I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking to make a change!

-Vanessa V.

Working with Sara has been eye-opening. Beyond providing great nutrition advice and delicious recipes, she also took the role of therapist at times, helping me realize the different ways my relationship with food and my body reflected other stresses in my life. She encouraged me to stop focusing on superficial reflections of my health, and get more in tune with how I feel in a holistic sense. While it's still a work in progress, since working with her I've become more in tune with my body, better able to sense its cravings, and as a result haven't the same "binge" or "cheat" days I had before — instead becoming more comfortable with treating myself to smaller indulgences throughout the week. As she says, it's nourishment for the soul! 

-Rachel G.

Sara took a personalized and motivating approach to my nutrition through a highly individualized plan that suited my goals and lifestyle. Through the plan we developed together, I made a few small changes that were easy to integrate into my daily routine that delivered surprisingly fast results. The plan was flexible enough so that I didn't have to feel guilty if I did have that extra coffee, and instead I could make up for it in other ways. Thanks to Sara's guidance, I now have a better understanding as to how food affects me, and I've been able to form some healthy habits that are contributing to my ability to maintain healthy weight, clearer skin, and higher energy levels! I recommend Sara without hesitation.

-Jill S.


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