Having nutritious food in the workplace is a crucial component of employee happiness, health, and productivity. Healthier employees, with fewer risk factors such as being overweight or obese, cost less to insure and are more efficient, productive workers. In fact, the average cost/benefit ratio for corporate wellness programs based on a summary of 28 studies was $3.48 saved per $1.00 invested.

My Corporate Background

Before my career in nutrition and eating psychology, I managed the food & wellness program for a San Francisco tech company. I know first hand the challenges that arise when trying to implement a nutritious, crowd-pleasing, budget friendly food program. Combining my nutrition knowledge with my corporate experience, I have a unique perspective and skillset to offer when implementing or looking to make changes in your company's meal and snack program. 

Services Available 
  • Nutritional assessment of existing food & wellness program, and individualized recommendations for implementing budget-conscious, healthy changes 

  • Partnering with your current meal & snack vendors and/or the vetting and selection of new vendors

  • Assistance with implementation of a brand new food & wellness program

  • Lunch & learn workshops tailored to your employees’ needs/interests

  • Individual 1:1 nutrition & eating psychology coaching

Ergonomic Evaluations

I am also a certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist

It is crucial to have a proper workstation setup and the right tools and education to ensure that your employees are preventing repetitive movement injuries. Schedule a free consultation to learn about my ergonomic evaluation services and how I can further assist in the health and productivity of your employees.